Sports and activities in Grenada

Grenada has so much to offer and so much to see. Our local agents – St James Travel and Tours can arrange tours and trips with very experienced guides.

Scuba diving

There is a fantastic range of more than 30 reef and wreck sites around the island, which offer really exciting diving for both novices and experienced divers. The dive schools are mostly situated on the south-west peninsula.

Scuba Tech based at the Calabash Hotel, Aquanauts based at True Blue Bay Resort and also at Spice Island Beach Resort, Eco Dive Grenada based at the Coyaba Hotel and Dive Grenada based at Mount Cinnamon.


Grenada’s undulating lush mountainous interior has terrain and vistas that make it an energetic hiker’s paradise. Waterfalls with cool deep refreshing swimming pools are among the destinations that hikers set out to explore and enjoy.

Our local agents can arrange organised hikes and treks with experienced guides.


There are plenty of places to snorkel off Grenada’s wonderful beaches and there is plenty of information available about the most interesting sites.

Serious snorkellers may want to explore the spectacular sights of the deeper reefs, and boats run regular trips from Grand Anse to places such as Moliniere Marine Park.

Organised running – ‘Hashing’

What is hashing? Every other Saturday, at precisely 1600 hours, a group of assorted runners and walkers assemble at a previously designated rum shop, somewhere in Grenada.

After an initial briefing by their leader (known as The Hash Master) they set off in the bush, shouting ON ON. They follow a trail of flour or shredded paper which takes the “pack” through some of the most attractive parts of the island and they return to the rum shop a couple of hours later, to consume large quantities of beer and undo all the good that this running and walking has done to them!

Turtle Watching

Grenada is host to four of the world’s seven varieties of turtles – the largest being the 5ft -7ft Leatherback turtle with its bony shell. Endangered is the small Hawksbill turtle, with its very beautiful shell.

The season for watching turtles laying their eggs begins on 1st April and runs through to the end of June. Tours run nightly, in season.

To help support the efforts of the turtle conservation projects, and for a thrilling moonlit experience seeing the turtles come ashore, it is best to book with a specialist tour company on the island. Specto Turtle Nestling Tours.

Whales and dolphins

Many of our clients have been thrilled to go out on trips in search of whales and dolphins – the success rate of such trips is astonishingly high.

Trips are half-day or full day and again they generally include all refreshments needed for a memorable day out on the blue Caribbean. First Impressions Whale & Dolphin Tours

River Tubing

Adventure River Tubing consists of a river, a bunch of rocks, the tubes, and guides who serve as guardians and cheerleaders as you bump and swoosh your way through the thrilling course. Put on your helmet, buckle your lifejacket and put on your shoes.

The fun is real (and so are the rocks). This river tubing experience is not for the faint of heart, and not for children under eight, but it’s perfect for anyone who likes adventure served straight up and natural.

Sea Kayaking

Grenada is beautiful and to fully appreciate the true wonder of what this amazing island has to offer you need to go to places that can only be visited by kayak. Every trip is its own adventure and each one is different.

You can paddle out to a deserted island, see a diverse array of the beautiful flora and fauna found in Grenada and, if you’re feeling up for it, swim in the warm, blue sea.

As you glide amongst the coral reefs and mangroves you will soon forget what time it is and you’ll begin to feel at one with nature. Conservation Kayak

Sport fishing

Many companies offer well-organised sport fishing trips on a tailor-made basis to suit the client. A variety of craft is available and clients can go in search of marlin, tuna and sail-fish. Visit totally uninhabited islands as part of a day-trip which will include all food and refreshments. True Blue Sport Fishing


Many of our hotels have tennis courts for clients to use and there are public courts as well.


The brand new National Stadium is fast becoming a major cricket venue and it will play host to many major matches each year, including one-day internationals.

You will also see many budding Brian Laras on the beaches of Grenada!