Cherry-pick the best the Caribbean has to offer

Some people think that all Caribbean Islands are much the same – but that really isn’t true. Each island we cover has its own identity, its own style and its own landscape. Some of the islands have better beaches, others have the better restaurants and so on…

A two – or even three-centre holiday would give you the chance to enjoy and experience the contrasts and different characteristics that are to be found on individual islands.

It’s ‘Island Hopping’  – but for the 21st Century

Island hopping used to conjure up thoughts of endless waiting around for boats that never arrived, flights that were cancelled at the last minute, and whole days taken to travel very small distances!

But things have changed! We are pleased to tell you that we’ve arranged hundreds of Caribbean holidays visiting two or even three islands, with smooth, quick and comfortable connections.

We’ll make your holiday simple and stress-­free

All our itineraries, whether around one island or two ­or even three, are designed around speedy, comfortable transfers, and no wasted time. You could have a morning swim in Bequia and then a lunchtime dip in Grenada!

We aim to make the most of your holiday time and make sure that you spend as little time in airports as possible. And as we’ve done it many times, we’ve got very good at it.

Some of our favourite itineraries including Grenada and three of our favourites on other islands…

Grenada’s “Golden Triangle” – a chance to see the whole island – our favourite itinerary

We can plan a trip for you which will give you the chance to stay in each of the three main regions of Grenada and explore each one.

  • La Sagesse – in the South. Spend 3 nights in this idyllic beachside hideaway and explore southern Grenada. Eat under the stars – delicious fresh fish always on the menu.
  • Then up to Petite Anse in the North. Enjoy 3 nights in the spectacular setting of this little hotel. The views are stunning, the walks are great, and you can visit the Chocolate factory as well as the fascinating working Plantation of Belmont.
  • Finally back down to Laluna in the South West. Finish with 5 nights at this gorgeous hotel, just a few minutes drive from Grand Anse Beach but far enough away to offer wonderful tranquillity. A good base for exploring the south­west of the island with all its restaurants and attractions including the capital St Georges.
  • Lots of other combinations of hotels can be arranged, as well as shorter or longer durations. Please contact us for latest pricing

Grenada and Bequia

These two islands offer one of our most popular combinations and we can, of course, offer any mix of accommodation to suit both your budget and preferred style of holiday.  This is just a suggestion for a 10 night stay:

  • Fly to Grenada with BA or Virgin ­stay for 5 nights in the beautiful beachside Calabash Hotel
  • Relax and enjoy Grenada for 5 days
  • Take a 50 minute flight up to Bequia – over the spectacular Grenadine Islands
  • 5 nights in the delightful Bequia Beach Hotel
  • Take the 1 hour flight up to Barbados – check in straight away for the flight back to London

Please contact us for latest prices.



Grenada and St Lucia

The Grenada and St Lucia twin centre offers a wonderful combination of lush rain forest, beaches and dramatic scenery.  We can combine any of our accommodations on either island and you may also like to stay in the north and south of both islands for a complete contrast.  Travelling between the two is made easy by utilising the British Airways flight in either direction.  This is just a sample itinerary of what you could do.

  • Fly to Grenada with BA, stay for 7 nights at Mount Cinnamon, including breakfast
  • Relax and enjoy the beaches and rain forest of Grenada for 7 days
  • Fly up to St Lucia with BA – the most convenient way to connect these two islands
  • Stay at the stunning Calabash Cove for 5 nights’ All Inclusive
  • Take a “must see” trip down the west coast to the majestic volcanic pitons

Please contact us for latest prices.

Neighbours – Barbados & St Lucia

Combine the neighbouring islands Barbados and St Lucia which offer a wonderful combination of beaches, dramatic scenery and lush rainforest. Combine any of our accommodations on either island to make your perfect itinerary.

  • Fly to Barbados with BA or Virgin – stay for 3 nights on the unspoilt and dramatic east coast at the Atlantis Hotel
  • Explore the stunning scenery in this area
  • Cross the island and spend 4 nights in the charming guest house Bayfield House
  • Enjoy the attractions of west Barbados
  • Fly to St Lucia and spend 5 nights at Stonefield Estate with dramatic views of the majestic pitons
  • Flight back from St Lucia to London

Please contact us for latest prices.

The Delights of St Kitts & Nevis

Enjoy a taste of both islands – combining history, beaches and plantations or if you prefer a slower pace then talk to us about some downtime on Nevis – a place to really get away from it all.

  • Fly to St Kitts with BA ­stay for 4 nights in the beachside hotel of Timothy Beach on lovely Frigate Bay
  • Explore the history and sights of St Kitts
  • 10 minute speedboat ride across to Nevis
  • 5 nights in a historic charming cottage in the beautiful estate of the Hermitage Plantation
  • Explore the interior of Nevis – the lush rainforest and other interesting Plantations
  • Spend 5 nights in the beachside Nisbet Plantation and enjoy the ocean and the delicious food
  • Speedboat back to St Kitts ­for flight to UK

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The Tobago Trio – North, East & West Tobago

Let us plan a trip for you to three different parts of the island. You’ll have enough time to relax and enjoy each location without too much dashing around :

  • Fly to Tobago with BA or Virgin – stay 5 nights in the Blue Waters Inn on Batteaux Bay.
  • Enjoy the beach, the snorkelling, the villages of North Tobago – also visit the rain forest
  • Then spend 4 nights at the stylish Bacolet Beach Club on the East Coast – visit the island’s capital Scarborough
  • Finally spend 5 nights on the West Coast in one of the delightful houses at Plantation Beach Villas with lovely restaurants nearby.
  • Back to the airport for the flight back to the UK


Please contact us for latest prices.